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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the tires inflated and subject to flats?
Does the front wheel swivel?
Is there a cooler that is made for this cart, and if not can you hang a cooler bag over the frame or handle somehow?
How tall is the cart at the handle when at the top position? I’m over 6’ and have had to bend to push other carts that I have purchased.
Can you tell me if the bag stands more upright with this cart as compared to most carts?
What is the weight capacity of this cart?
What is the width of the wheels when it’s unfolded?
What are the wheel diameters?
Is there a clip or slot that holds a scorecard? Hard to tell by the pictures if the spot that holds a pencil also holds a scorecard..
Does this hold junior size golf bag? What is the minimum length this cart can hold?
Does it come with umbrella holder? Also any chair could attach to it? Thanks.